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The Royal Staff of Kings (Level 3)
The Royal Staff of Kings (Level 3)
The Royal Staff of Kings (Level 3)
The Royal Staff of Kings (Level 3)
The Royal Staff of Kings (Level 3)
The Royal Staff of Kings (Level 3)
The Royal Staff of Kings (Level 3)
The Royal Staff of Kings (Level 3)
The Royal Staff of Kings (Level 3)

The Royal Staff of Kings (Level 3)

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Expand Your Consciousness. Bend Reality. Become Limitless...


  • Top: 18K Gold Flower (Approximately 12 OZ of Pure Gold)
  • Core: Solid Sterling SIlver 
  • Coil: Sterling Silver Wire Wrap
  • 3 Toroids: 2xElectrum (Egyptian Gold) Toroids, 1x18k Gold Toroid
  • Center stone: 12mm Moissanite
  • 9 Top Stones: Natural Sapphires
  • 7 Side Stones: Lab Grown Sapphires
  • 2 Sterling Silver Cuffs
  • Bottom Ball: Bronze


  • Amplify your manifesting power
  • Raise your intuition
  • Increase your intelligence and insight
  • Maximize your potential
  • Raise the consciousness of your home and any place
  • Greatly enhance the "Feng Shui" of your home 
  • Attract peace, abundance and prosperity  
  • Become limitless



Jesus... Moses... Merlin... Arthur... Egyptian Prophetess Isis...

Across cultures and religions, these figures have been recognized for their great intuition, intellect, and supernatural abilities that derive from a strong connection with divine power. 

But were their connections innate, or did they require a powerful medium to bridge the gap?

When Moses set terrifying plagues upon Egypt and carved a path through the Red Sea, at the center of his mystical feats was his staff. The Christian Holy Artifact ‘Bachal Isu’ or ‘Staff of Jesus’, Isis’ War-scepter, Merlin’s Sidhe Staff, and Arthur’s Excalibur were intrinsic to their stories, and a vital element of their most defining moments.

Would any staff have worked, or was there a secret to their construction?


Many have claimed to know the exact measurements behind the Staff of Moses, but few have ever truly deduced it. 

Using historical clues and scientific principles that we’ve cross-referenced with real measurements from ancient cities and artifacts, we’ve not only unlocked the true dimensions of the Staff of God – we can PROVE them! 

This was the knowledge possessed by ancient civilizations that allowed them to discern knowledge such as the speed of light eons before our time. 

With the length of the staff, we also have the information needed to find its frequency. 

Knowing the right length down to the millimeter is CRITICAL, or else the user risks inviting harmful frequencies into their being.

Our calculations integrate many sources, including Egyptian iconography, carvings, depictions of Roman and Greek gods and goddesses, and most importantly, the Bible. 

Using clues left behind that incorporate the measurements of the Ark of the Covenant, Noah’s Ark, the Great Pyramids, and the FACTUAL Royal Cubit, we now know the length of God’s Measuring Rod down to the ten thousandth-decimal place. 

The number is also connected to other significant sacred geometry and numbers, such as Phi, the Golden Ratio, and the number 12.


Have you ever touched a radio antenna and had the signal improve? 

It’s been scientifically proven that the human body can transmit and receive radio waves like an antenna, so when we do this, we’re using our own bodies as an extension to make them more powerful.

The same principles apply to the Staff of Moses. 

The human body on its own is like an antenna transmitting a weak signal, but by using a staff constructed with sacred principles that allow us to transmit more divine frequencies, you can unlock supernatural abilities beyond anything you’ve ever imagined, and manifest your greatest desires.


Staffs can be made from sapphire, topaz, ruby, sterling silver, 18k gold, electrum, cold-finish bronze, and copper, 

our Staff of Moses holds all the power and elegance of history’s most powerful scepters. 

Visually captivating and spiritually transformative, with it your intent can be used to reshape your existence.

Use its frequencies to begin your journey.


Is the Frequency of the Staff and Art of Covenant the key to access the power of God? The measure of The Ark of The Covenant ties the ark to the great Pyramid of Egypt like the perfect Code!

Will Staffs of different lengths can communicate with different Gods?

Are You Ready to Visit a Higher Dimension?



David Sereda talks about the Staff of Moses which gets handed down from generation to generation, to the Staff of Jesus and eventually it keeps going. It's one part of mystic Christianity that is really been overlooked.

Learn here as David Sereda show you the staff that he made and how it is very successful Spiritual Technology.

Can a Spiritual Temple can act as a Frequency Tuner Receiver to a specific frequency? can the Frequency vibrate within the stone walls of the structure? Was the Pyramid design by God?

Find out here in David Sereda's Staff of Moses and get ready to visit a Higher Dimension.


Shahiroz Walji discusses the Secret of the Staff of Moses on this first episode of a 2-Part webinar series. Learn the origins of the staff , its length, relevance and what it does.


Shahiroz Walji discusses the Secret of the Staff of Moses on this last episode of a 2-Part webinar series. Learn more about the origins, relevance and its uses. It also includes a Q and A portion and an additional topic you might want to know.




1) Each staff is made precisely to the dimension of 51.51 inches. This is a reflection of power and geometry of the great pyramid.

2) Each staff has a wire coil wrapping of 37.75 inches.

3) After much deliberation we decided on a design for the top of the staffs that emulates the Egyptian Dyjet symbol. This symbol has several interpretations but is generally believed to represent the spine of Osiris and represents strength and stability.

4) After many months of experimentation, we came up with a design using three toroids stacked with spacers above the top ending of the wire wrapping , topped by a toroid with a high bezel . This is the crown, and apex of the work . It contains a large 10mm Sapphire surrounded by nine (9)round  sapphires, each measuring 4mm in diameter.

5) For the level 2 and 3 Staffs our team created a nine petal flower design emulating the sacred Egyptian Lotus . Hundreds of hours were spent designing and redesigning this motif, and the result is an exquisite work of jewelry art .

6) The numerology of the number of stones set in the staffs is a significant part of the composition of this work. The nine sapphires set in the top piece represent completion, and with the main stone in the top totaling Ten represents Activation.

7) The level 2 and 3 Staffs have cuffs that are placed at the ends of the wire wrappings. The top cuff is set with 4 stones and the bottom cuff with 3. This brings the total number of stones to 17. 17 is a master number facilitating spiritual consciousness and wisdom, and the intention for peace and love for all of humanity .

8) The level 3 Staff is created using precious metals and stones as well as some semi-precious stones. The flower on the level 3 Staff is composed of 18k Gold.  Beneath it are two toroids composed of Electrum, which was the sacred metal of the Egyptians, and one toroid composed of 18k gold . There are over 12 ounces of gold in each Level 3 Staff. The overall composition is one of high level exquisite jewelry art.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Financing Available?

Yes! With Klarna, it is now possible to finance The Royal Staff of Moses up to 36 months! Just choose Klarna as your payment option upon checkout.

Do I need to connect the SOM to a frequency generator?

Yes, the staff has a built in terminal that can be used to connect to a frequency generator. You need one in order to use the staff to its fullest potential.

What are some safety precautions?

Don't drop it on a hard floor or surface, and because it is a blunt sharp object, use it wisely. You cannot get electrocuted with the high frequency power source we suggest.  

Do not plug it into a power socket or anything foolish like that.

Wasn’t Moses staff made of wood?

In the Forgotten Books of Eden, the staff was made of Brass clearly stated. According to the Kabbalah, the Sapphire Staff was given to Adam and Eve by the Archangel Raziel when they left the Garden of Eden. 

Can I actually perform miracles like Moses and Jesus with the staff?

You have to train. Many people are having experiences using the staff with the correct frequencies. One person described hearing a massive clap of thunder above his house while holding the staff and when he walked outside, there were no clouds anywhere to be seen. Other people report profound dreams, amazing revelations, and answer to their prayers. Will you part the Red Sea? Unlikely! 


What will I experience after I get one?

Your nervous system has to get trained with the frequencies of the Staff and eventually you will be ready for the 3 master frequencies as per temples of initiation!

Every person will slowly or suddenly have a shift in their energy field.

How do I train with the Staff?

You train with the Staff via the David Sereda inner circle . 

What frequencies do I use with the Staff Of Moses and the Frequency Generator?

You will be given the pyramid frequencies to start with. To deepen your training and experience, join David Sereda's inner circle to gain access to even more powerful frequencies for advanced users only.

How is the Staff of Moses connected to the Great Pyramids and Ark of the Covenant?

Broadcasting precise, calculated frequencies through the staff will allow you to "tune" into a different level of consciousness or higher power. For example, David Sereda calculated the hidden frequencies from 17 geometric measurements from the Great Pyramid - which in fact match perfectly with the those of Solomon's Temple! Those measurement are converted in the ultrasonic frequencies which turn out to be in perfect harmony! 

What’s so special about this Staff? 

For the first time in history, David Sereda has decoded the mathematical connection between the Staff of Moses, the Ark of the Covenant (where it was stored), The holy of holies in Solomon's temple and the geometric measurements from 17 places of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Which that, he has determined the precise length of the Staff of Moses, which puts it in direct communication with the Great Pyramid. It has been discovered that the Staff was in fact a communication device that tapped into enormous power beyond human ability. Having reverse engineered this ancient technology, now it is made available to you in a jewel-crafted staff fit for royalty.

Can I take it around with me?


Where is it made?

All Staffs are proudly and meticulously made by master jewelers in Arizona, USA.

How long does it take to make one?

It took us 3 years to develop the Staff of Moses prototype. Now the actual time for crafting is about 2 weeks for a level 1 staff and 3 weeks for a level 2 staff. level 3 staffs require about 8 weeks or longer if exotic customizations are requested.

How long does it take for me to receive it after I ordered?

Take into account the crafting time above, then add 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Can I get a rush order?

Yes, for an additional fee. Please contact us for a quote (Click Here)

Can I customize my Staff of Moses?

Yes you can! But only for staffs level 2 and higher.

For level 2 staffs, you can customize the 17 gems (1 center gem, 9 top gems, 7 sideband gems. The staff top, core, wiring, and other hardware are not customizable.

For level 3 or higher, all of the above may be customized. Please contact us for a quote - (Click Here)

What’s the difference between Level 1, 2, 3?

All staffs contain the same precise length and dimensions for consciousness expansion. Users report a more profound meditation experience with high-level staffs that have higher quality gems and metals such as silver, gold and electrum. Is this why silver, gold and sapphire are so valuable to the ancients, for reasons that are lost today? Also, higher levels of precious gems and metals are offered at each level to match the requirements of kings, queens and rulers of ancient times that used the Staff.

If you wish to invest in one of the best empowerment tools in the world today - this can be a family heirloom that you can pass on for generations.

Why do I have to apply to get a Level 2 or higher? How do I qualify?

With great power comes great responsibility. We need to have assurance that you will not use the staff for harm before we allow access to higher levels of staffs. You can complete this short application form to apply. (Click Here)

How does the 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee work?

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may request a refund within 30 days of your purchase. A 15% restocking fee applies to cover administrative costs. Only staffs at level 1 and 2 that do not include any customization qualify for the guarantee.

Is there a warranty on the staffs?

Yes, there is a 1 year manufacturer warranty against defects and workmanship.

What’s in the David Sereda inner circle?

David Sereda's inner circle was formed for staff wielders who are serious about training to become adept users of the staff. Some frequencies are so powerful that they are not meant for beginners and especially anyone who has not been vetted. In order to guide you on perhaps the most important journey you will take in your life, being an inner circle member will assure that you don't encounter any pitfalls that may hinder your progress with expanding your consciousness. Also, you will become a valuable member of a core group of other staff wielders to gain insight and share your journey with.

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