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Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants
Stone Pendants - Trinity Pendants

Trinity Pendants

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The World's Most Powerful Quantum Healing Pendant

Download The Light Stream™ Pendant Brochure

  • All pendants and jewelry are programmed with Light Stream™ Technology

  • Laser-cut toroid shape and windings amplify your bio-energy field

  • "Sound of the Sun" frequency included free (Vibrations for vitality, heart, love, invigoration, life force).  

  • Add 2 more frequency programs to your pendant to multiply its benefits for a total maximum of 3 programs.

  • Custom Hand-crafted in the USA by master artisans

  • Only the finest AAA quality gemstones and materials

With your Light Stream™ Pendant, it will help you experience...

  • Accelerated healing and body regeneration

  • EMF protection and shielding

  • Divine peace, clarity and insight

  • Raise your spiritual resonance

  • Attract abundance into every area of your life

EMF Protection

chakra alignment camera test

aura camera text


Stone Rating: AAA
Height: 50-55mm (1.96 inches)
Width:  40mm (1.57 inches)
Depth:  8-14mm (0.31 inch)
Total Weight:  Approx. 25-28 grams 

  • Chain is not included

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for hand-crafting and 1-2 weeks for shipping (Depending on your location)

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

Beware of imitators!

Our Light Stream™ Pendants and jewelry are programmed through an extensive, proprietary 3-step process! And we do it with a unique technology similar to compact nuclear fusion!

Compact Fusion Reactor

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How To Use Your Light Stream Quantum Pendant or Jewelry

EMF Protection You Can Feel (Harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies):

The natural world, including your body produces EMF’s or electromagnetic fields. Technology produces much more intense EMFs such as using computer, watching TV, a blue tooth head set, etc, which can all cause health risks. However, using Light Stream™ infused pendants offer powerful EMF protection due to its long-lasting infused Light Stream frequencies and harmonic vibrations.

Meditation - Raise Your Spiritual Resonance:

Stone pendants and meditation stones /gems such as calming blues, healing greens and clarifying amethysts can be used to enhance your vibrational and energy flow. When worn or held between the index fingers and thumbs will foster communication between the left and right brain and will also help balance and deepen energy. Boosting vibrations will bring your desire further into the universe to reflect your inclinations. You can use your stone, necklace or statue during meditation. They can help you meditate with more power. Hold the stone with your thumbs and index  fingers left and right hand to get connected left and right brain. As your energy rises, you can then send your manifest desires out to the universe with more power, increasing the law of attraction.

Crystal Healing Massage:

The healing vibrational stones can stimulate energy and integrate auric energies when warmed or soaked in water and positioned along the spine upon certain chakras. These stones, or known as ‘laying on of stones’, has its own different talent and are often used for divination and meditation purposes. You can warm your Source pendants in warm to hot water and then place them along the spine according to your chakras after a massage. This can help enliven energy along the spine.

Amplify Your Prayers and Ability To Turn Your Intentions Into Reality:

Harmonic balance and escalated vibrations within one’s energetic fields are obtained when using Light Stream stone technology which allows healing, communication, and manifestation.

Expand Your Consciousness And Intuition: 

The Light Stream stones increase an individual’s measurable voltage and broaden its energy field. If used among groups of people, these stones can develop the power, clarity, and energy of Global messages or awareness through prayers of healing and peace. Holding these stones while centering on the objectives as a group will strengthen the message. Global Consciousness: Because the products increase individual’s body voltage while expanding their energy  eld, we can use groups of people to create Global Healing or to send out Global messages. When these groups send out prayers and messages while holding or wearing the pieces, their messages will be sent with more energy & clarity.

Boost Physical and Mental Performance:

High vibration pendants such as red jasper or hemitate are highly invigorating for athletes and those who are always on the go. These pendants may be used for several days prior to an event or demanding activity and bring it throughout the journey. It may also help restore the system and re-orchestrate your auric fields once held immediately after the events. Athletes benefit best with the combination of natural stone & metal pendants, used during or after a performance, race, or event. If you cannot wear it during, it is best to wear a pendant or necklace for 3-7 days prior to a performance. Wearing or holding apiece afterwards helps rejuvenate the system. Already, athletes use vigorous techniques to raise their body voltage. Our technology will assist with this, showing results on the volt meter.

Better Grades For Students: 

There is a great demand for keeping memories for students. Students who have deficits in registering information in short-term memory often have difficulty remembering instructions or directions they have just been given. The stones once carried during exam days and during study lessons will help the student remain focused and grounded. 

Protect Your Home With A Crystal Grid:

Creating grids for the home is a really great way to live with intention, keep your space tidy and sacred, and to invite some cosmic protection and wellness into your life. Keeping out any external harm or energy may be achieved through right gridding and objective. You can choose a stone or gems that resonates with you best. There are many colors and types of stones. Wear the stone near your heart center to help protect your heart from cell phone, satellite and TV Electromagnetic radiations.

Choosing Your Stone

To reach your highest mV potential (Body Electricity/Energy), match your natural day to day energy with the subtle energy of a natural stone. The basic subtle energy of a stone is either a strong stone or a calming stone, which work in harmony with the technology that the natural stones are charged with. The Light Stream™ Technology amplifies a stone’s natural properties.

Calm/Mellow Personalities match with a Calming Stone

A person may be assertive but not an aggressive personality; their demeanor is more reserved. They may also be energetic & outgoing at times, such as at social events, but not on a regular basis. This does not have to do with physical activities or sports; we are only assessing the personality and interaction with others on a day to day basis.

Calming Stones:

  • Lapis Lazuli (High Vibration)
  • Brazilian Blue Quartz (High Vibration)
  • Green Aventurine (Medium Vibration)
  • Amethyst (New stone-not enough tests done)
  • Rose Quartz (Soft Vibration)
  • Brazilian Purple Lepidolite (Lightest Vibrational Stone - Best for very sensitive types)

Energetic, Enthusiastic or Vivacious Personalities match with a Strong Stone

People who are very outgoing or zealous on a regular basis, not just in social settings. They may be calm at times but generally have a lot of energy/vitality in their demeanor and enjoy talking a lot. Again, this does not necessarily have to do with how active they are in physical activities, as they may have a very energetic personality but show little or no interest in sports.

Strong Stones

  • Red Jasper (Fast Pace High Vibration, similar to caffeine)
  • Hematite (High Vibration & Grounding)

Genuinely Mixed Personalities

Match with a Tiger Iron, Mixed Material Stone. Some people are genuinely both personalities on a regular basis. This does not apply to people who can switch under particular circumstances.

Mixed Stones

Tiger Iron (Medium High Vibration & Grounding)

Metals: Silver, Brass, Gold

Silver has a proven track record as a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections and aiding in cold and flu prevention, wound healing, and more. Silver also helps with internal heat regulation and circulation. Many have reported improvements in energy levels and balance in moods after wearing silver,  as its natural properties may offset outside electrical disturbances, improve circulation and overall body temperature balance, and help maintain cleanliness and immunity.

Gold has a balancing and harmonizing effect on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. It is used to improve mental attitude and emotional states. Apparently it also helps promote a feeling of increased energy, will power, mental focus, body energy.

Brass: medical experts observed when metal is worn next to the skin it can cause an increase in blood flow and have positive effects on the body. Metals such as Copper and Brass have electromagnetic properties and so does your body. Ionic forces can interact to alter blood flow and increase energy levels.

Match your day to day vibration with the corresponding stone for highest mV potential.

A person may choose a calming stone opposite to their personality for a contrasting effect, such as a “wired” person who wants to calm down or slow down. Although this may not raise their body electricity as much as a strong stone, reaching the highest level in mVs may not be their priority. However, we do not recommend this contrasting effect the other way since we have found that the Red Jasper & Hematite are often too strong for calm personality types and with all the technology updates even outgoing types may find these stones too strong. 

All energy increases vary from person to person. The lowest energy increase doubles a person’s natural energy when tested with a Source, but can reach 10 times this, depending on the person. Other stone pendants will show the highest increases, on average 3-12 times a person’s baseline.

Choosing your Design:

Sun Medallion ($49-199)

Sun Medallion Quantum Pendant

Entry Level Quantum Pendant 
Sound of the sun leaves a differential geometrical imprint in water, David Sereda used that imprint to make the world's first Flower of Life design Pendant!  These designs spin your energy field and enhances your bio-energy.

Source & Limited Source Collection ($149-$199)

Source Quantum Pendant

Entry level stone crystal pendant. Representing the beginning of creation. Stones are precision laser cut into to exact toroidal shape and dimensions to maximize the energy field of the pendant.

Vortex Collection ($350-500)

Vortex Quantum Pendant

Vortex refers to the natural way that energy ows in the galaxy, vortex black holes, nature, and the quantum universe. It is also the natural geometry shape of the chakra energy dynamic. Also based on the torus ring transformer - but these windings open up the vortex energy at a steeper angle than the Sunray. 

Trinity Collection ($350-$1000)

Reflects the torroidial shape of a galaxy and it's 3 spiral arms. This is a first level of Vortex Spin Chakra Energy design.

 Sun Ray Collection ($500-$1500)

Most Popular Design!
Representing the Sun's Rays that both give life to nature and biological forms.. A classic bio transformer design with 3 dimensions deep of windings within windings - to do just that, transform your bio energy.  

Trillion Collection ($500-$1500)

Galactic alignment pendant. This is a super level design because of the very large 8 mm gem in the center of the vortex.  The Vortex gets charged and creates spin at the moment the pendant is charged in our fusion generator technology!

Flower of Life Collection / Super Pendant / Ultimate Pendant ($800-$3800) 

Most Powerful Pendant! 
6 pointed power representing Mother. 
 It is a more advanced bio transformer to the Sunray because of the higher quality gem in the center.  These gems get switched on with our quantum energy generators.  

Bale Material:

Stainless Steel - Plated with gold or rhodium for brilliant luster.  Durable and cost-effective.

Sterling Silver - High Quality silver, durable and tarnish resistant.

2-Tone - Sterling silver combined with 14K gold fill (available on Sun Ray and Flower of Life pendants only)

14K Gold Fill - Twice as thick as "gold plated".  More durable and tarnish resistant. (available on Sun Ray and Flower of Life pendants only)

18K Solid Gold - Higest Grade Jewelery Gold available for strength and beauty.  Featured only on our Ultimate Pendants.

Real People Real Stories

“I have tried many quantum and tachyon pendants from many renowned brands around the world. Not one even comes close to my Light Stream Technologies' flower of life pendant... Their claim of "Most Powerful Pendant in the World" is true. This is the only real deal! Thank you for all the hard work to bring me such an amazing device. A device that can be labelled as a 'masterpiece' in my humble opinion. Cheers!”
-Chrome G.

“My daughter, my son and I wear our pendants everyday. I feel protected and empowered when I do. The first time I touched my pendant I felt like I was on a high. The feeling lasted for longer than 24hours. Colours were brighter and an incredible feeling of joy. I also use the Light Stream Wand and experienced pain relief. I had hip displacement after my second pregnancy and using the wand on the targeted area helped. I am now completely pain free!”
-Sharika Bisnath

“I have the SUN RAY - Lapis Luzuli  since having this Pendant I have had very strong experiences with in dream state and my mind feels expanded with it on with more psychic ability and the second pendant I got was the Sun Ray Red Jasper this one makes me more energetic when I have something physical to do makes my decision making more clearer.”
-Logan Munroe

“This is pure genius! We have a priceless treasure here! Do you want to turn your system on and become functional as an evolved being? The work contained herein is of the highest caliber to be found, better than the secret! This is more than a concept or a way to process information, it is a way to tune and upgrade your body and mind with your higher consciousness and energy bodies. This is it, the keys to mastery and expansion on a level that has never been done before.”
-Merlie B.

“Meditating over 10 years, I felt incredible at putting the Pendant on for the first time and it has given me an markedly different feeling in my body as never before believed was possible.  I've seen many demonstrations of the intensity readings of your pendants and the "knowing" what I'm wearing definitely gives me an advantage at manifesting what it's doing to my body, mind and soul!  You are what I promote for the World, David.  Your family is Gold, pure and simple, thank you for being here with us!”
-Lamont Daigle

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