Trinity - The 3 Most Holy Frequencies Package

Trinity - The 3 Most Holy Frequencies Package

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What Would Happen If God Appeared To You, Face to Face?

What is it?

  • The 3 Most Holy frequencies in existence
  • PI, Phi, and 51.51 (The Great Pyramind's angle)
  • The most sacred buildings on earth share these frequencies
  • These are the massive, builder of all shapes in the universe

What will I feel?

  • Indescribable
  • Inexplicable
  • The great "I AM"
  • Beyond anything you have ever experienced
What do I use it for?

  • Meet God
  • Meet Jesus, Mary, The Angels
  • Talk to God and hear His voice clearly
  • Turn yourself into a super-being

What Chakras are affected?

  • All Chakras

Why you need it?

  • Can't hear God's voice?
  • Can't see God?
  • Want to become holy?
  • Want to be closer to God?
  • Want super-natural abilities?

What's included in this package?

    High Definition Audio Tracks (.aiff) 

    • Ark of the Covenant Dimensions - Tuner Bar.aif
    • Trinity Holy of Holies - Mix .aiff

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    The 3 most holy frequencies calculated from the 3 most holy sites in human history.
    1. The Holy of Holies inside Solomon’s temple, that housed the Ark of the Covenant.
    2. the Migdal (Magdalene) Synagogue site. It is an ancient synagogue, located in Israel on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.
    3. Holy of Holies at Ain Dara, now in modern Syria
    The Holy of Holies is a Cubic Temple and housing for the Ark of the Covenant all inside of Solomon’s Temple!

    The dimensions of this Cubic space have to be perfect as per God’s instructions to cause the correct frequency to manifest within its walls !  If the builder didn’t know a true Royal Cubit as 20.605 Inches, it would oscillate at an incorrect resonance!

    Let us look at one of the most sacred sites in Judaism and Islam.  Solomon’s Temple and the Holy of Holies:God Instructs Solomon’s Temple to be:

    20 cubits wide x 20.605 = 412.1 which is the Sacred Great Pyramid Number acting as proof that God Designed the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

    This ties both Solomon’s Temple and the Holy of Holies to the Great Pyramid.  The 41.21 appears in more that 14 places in the Great Pyramid.  41.21 PI = 2 Royal Cubits appears in the Great Pyramid in these locations and more: